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PeltieCool™ imersion bath features simple and innovative design that fits perfectly into environments demanding precise and easy control of temperature. Due to small size and lightweight design, it can easily be used as a stand-alone unit or can be subtly integrated in more complex laboratory setups. Liquid cooling medium iside the vessel provides good thermal contact with glassware, prevents quick and uncontrolled temperature changes and ensures steady and even distribution of heat. Wide temperature range gives you the opportunity to work in many research fields such as chemistry, tissue engineering, materials performance testing, crystallization and biochemistry.


Compatible with every laboratory

Due to small size and lightweight design, it can easily be used as a stand-alone unit or can be subtly integrated into more complex laboratory setups.

Powerful & Easy Handling

PeltieCool™ temperature control workstation is compact, mobile and easy to handle. The high-performance heating and cooling system eliminates the need for bulky cryostats or cumbersome oil and ice baths in the range from −50 to 180 °C.

Control With Just One Touch

Controlling the PeltieCool™ system is simple and intuitive. With just a touch of a button, experiments can be altered easily and reliably. Large touchscreen provides great user experience and displays all reaction parameters and settings in real time.

Utility At It’s Finest

Depending on the study, the appropriate configuration can be chosen to support your research with optimal algorithms and programs. Lightweight, compact and sturdy configuration makes changing the setup a breeze.

Quality Information

During the course of an experiment, the PeltieCool™ system collects a wealth of information that can be partially analysed on the machine, with the help of a powerful user interface and algorithms already running on the device.

Powerful programmable heating and cooling for large scope of applications

Large LCD touchscreen displays all settings and reaction parameters

5 probes for accurate temperature measurement

In-built magnetic stirring (0 – 1500 rpm) ensures optimal distribution of heatpower).

Cloud based data storage and wi-fi connectivity

Lightweight and slick design make it compatible and practical

Advanced data logging

Technical Data

Temp. range : 50°C to 150°C

Temp. rate (0.5L of ethanol): r.t. to 0°C (5min), -20°C (12min), -30°C (20min), -40°C (44min)

No. of sensors : 5

Temp. modes: Jacket control, reaction mixture control, heat exchanger and cooling medium control

Cooling medium (heat exchanger): Water or ethylene glycol (circulating chiller)


Reactors: Laboratory glassware of standard dimensions

Stirringholders :   Compatible with preowned stirrers


Clip-on holders:  Yes, for standard glassware

Data logging: All measured data. User can adjust logging data and interval.

Rate of data logging: every 1 second

Data transfer: Wi-Fi, USB



Stored in the cloud: 

Portability: Easily portable

Weight: 7kg

Touchscreen: 120 mm x 78 mm (4.7” x 3.1”)

Language: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish


Unit: 297 mm x 210 mm x 170 mm

Reactor vessel: 110 mm x 150 mm x 95 mm (1.2 L)

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